These amazing little odor control granules take the funk right out of small spaces and control them for up to 30-90 days (depending on the severity of the odors and sachet size).

20 Gram Granule Sachets Recommended Usage

Simply place anywhere continuous odor control may be needed:

  • trash cans
  • small vehicles
  • trunks
  • closets
  • crawlspaces
  • diaper pails
  • smelly shoes (place one 20g sachet in each shoe for odor removal that lasts 30+ days!)

50 Gram Granule Sachets Recommended Usage – strategic placement in locker rooms, restrooms, hockey duffles, gym bags, hampers, pet bedding and litter box areas, in automobiles, trucks, etc.

Activates within 24 hours by absorbing the moisture in the air.

Does not release fragrance to mask odors. Uses the science of ClO2 to eliminate and control odors.

We recommend the use of our Granule Cabinet to protect any delicate surface such as carpets and flooring.

What are the known benefits of Slow Release of ClO2: 

  1. Steady odor control, denaturing the organic processes that contribute to foul odors
  2. Cleaning the air of contaminants – we are not allowed to be more specific, and make any human health claims
  3. *Extend the storage life of fruits, vegetables and flowers.
  4. Inhibit invasion from small pests that can sense, and don’t like the fragrance.