Get perpetually cleaner air with our Slow-Release Products…

Here are just a few application suggestions: 

  1. Gel Kit – automobile trunks, sheds, crawl spaces, sports lockers, fitness rooms, restrooms, changing areas, closets.
  2. 20 Gram Granule Sachets –  small vehicles, gym bags, suitcases, coolers*, storage bins, cabinets, laundry closets, kitchen trash cans, diaper pails, etc.
  3. 50 Gram Granule Sachets – large vehicles, locker rooms, restrooms, pet bedding and litter box areas, outdoor waste cans, etc.
  4. Granule Sachet Cabinets – fits both the 20 g and 50 g sachets and can be mounted on walls or tossed in gym bags or under car seats.

Known Benefits of Slow Release of ClO2: 

  1. Steady odor control by denaturing the organic processes that contribute to foul odors
  2. Cleaning the air of contaminants – we are not allowed to be more specific in regard to any specific human health claims
  3. *Extends the storage life of fruits, vegetables and flowers.
  4. Inhibit invasion from small pests that can sense, and don’t like the fragrance.