This is the car odor eliminator you’ve been looking for. Removes ANY odor from your vehicle in as little as one hour – tobacco, pet odors, moldy stale air, food odors and so many more.

Bio-Bombs employ the powers of science NOT fragrance to breakdown and eliminate odor molecules from the air and surfaces of a vehicle.

Stop wasting money on cans of aerosol spray, a new car air freshener or clip-on scented refills that only temporarily mask or odors.

Permanently eliminate odors in one simple treatment.

Used by professional auto detailers and car dealerships all across the country – now available to you!

This all-in-one car deodorizer kit provides everything needed to treat one vehicle.

Instructions: Fill application jar with water to designated fill line. Place in cup holder of vehicle. Drop tablet into water. Exit vehicle for 1-2 hours.

Questions about a particular car odor situation? We’d love to help!  Please email us at