Odor Bombs for Extreme Odors

Bio-Bombs products are designed to eliminate odors by utilizing the gas off method. One treatment can totally annihilate even the worst car odors or household odors in just 2 to 4 hours. In the most extreme cases, leave it to work overnight.

Results are unparalleled, treated areas are left smelling fresh and clean without the use of fragrances. Bio-Bombs – including our signature vehicle deodorization kit – are used by hundreds of auto detailers, car dealers and property managers all over the country.

Extended Odor Control

Utilizing science, ClO2 is exactly the same miracle-molecule that is released by white blood cells when our bodies are invaded by potentially harmful intruders.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) products steadily, but slowly release healthy doses of this same substance into air spaces to clean the air, control home odors and keep intruders and potential invaders at bay.

What Do We Do?

We create innovative odor removal products that use science not fragrance to eliminate and control odors in homes and vehicles.

Vehicle Odor Elimination & Control

People stink. Cars don’t have to. Simple solutions remove all prior odors in one quick treatment and more solutions to tackle those smells that keep coming back.

House, Apartment & Living Space Deodorization

Apartments, Dorms, litter box areas, teenager rooms can all stink! Our products remove lingering odors with ease.

Gym & Fitness Odor Control & Elimination

Sweat is a good thing … but it stinks! Not only do we have odor elimination and fresh air restoration methods – but also great solutions for ongoing odor control!

Industrial Odor Elimination & Long-Term Control

Need a means of ridding your plant, factory, waste processing facility, trash compactor, restaurant of odors? We have effective solutions!

office space image

Odor Solutions for Office Spaces

No matter what type of business office you run – you don’t want to lose good employees over recurring odors.

Easy AND Effective Odor Removal

car odor eliminator step instructions background

Step 1

Open and add water to the fill line.

bio-bombs odor removal instructions step 2 background

Step 2

Drop the tablet into the water.

bio-bombs odor control instructions step 3 background

Step 3

Walk away and let Bio-Bomb do the dirty work!

The Bio-Bomb™ tablet and water together will generate the Cl02 gas that neutralizes and eliminates odors on the molecular level. No perfumes!